Air Pollution - A Rising Issue

May 17, 2013
By , Lawrenceville, GA
Have you ever attempted to take in a deep, full breath while in a city? If you have, the result was probably just a pair of lungs filled with oxygen mixed with dirty air. Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest environmental issues, and most people don’t even bother to try to make it better. In the past years, the level of air pollution has risen, and it will only get worse if this continues. Since most people breathe this air almost every day, they don’t know the risks that air pollution carries. You can get lung cancer and infections in the respiratory system and that will lower the life expectancy by a lot of years. That will keep the people from living their dream, if they have one, and they will die with an incomplete life. The industrial economy is really the main source of this pollution. They build factories, which produce a lot of air pollution, and the manufacturing factories produce cars and such which can add more air pollution to the environment. With the huge number of cars in the world, the air pollution produced is a really large amount, obviously. Even though the level of air pollution is very high, there are ways that could help lower the amount of air pollution. Factories can increase the fuel-efficiency by investing more into hybrid cars, instead of the full-on gas cars. Also, the industrial companies can switch to cleaner forms of power, like wind power, solar power, and maybe cleaner fuels. Basically, what I’m trying to get at is that there is lots of air pollution in the world, and hopefully the world can pull itself back together and solve the problem.

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