Stop Animal Abuse

May 7, 2013
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Stop Animal Abuse
Many American households today have animal abusers in them and it’s affecting us more and more today.
We need to stop animal abuse because it’s not far that they get killed or hurt from crazy people and/or people that are making money from abusing the animals.
When animals get abused or killed they will show commercials to say how sad it is or how you can help out and help save the animals lives, I really don’t think it’s fair how they get so abused because they should be treated like anyone else; since there just like family. The people that help out, like organizations, really change how when you leave a hurt animal on the street, they will probably pick them up and try to help them save their life. The people let local communities come and see the hurt animals and you can buy them to help save their life and go to a nice family. It gives the animals a chance to be able to have a healthy and fun life again instead of having a terrible life and dying.
“71% of pet- owning women entering women’s shelters reported that their batterer had injured, maimed, killed, or threated family pets for revenge or psychological control units” this can really damage your community because you could have crazy people roaming the streets and you don’t want your pets in danger.
“In one study, 70% of animal abusers also had records for other crimes.” Mostly all of animal abusers have serious mental issues that happen in the past and never fixed their problems.
98% of Americans consider pets to be a part of their family so, why treat them so bad? If you consider them apart of your family you shouldn’t abuse them because they should be treated like you would treat a friend. I have two dogs and yes, they can get annoying and bark too much but that doesn’t mean you abuse them. Family’s today are getting more and more animals so there’s a chance that they can be being adopted into an abusing family or they could be going to a great family that will love them. Nobody knows if you’re an abuser or not. So it’s really sad that some people just buy animals to hurt them, not to love them. I think that there should be someway somehow to make sure you’re not giving a puppy to an abuser.
Many people do things to their animals and they don’t realize that it’s considered abuse. “I reached for the bag and something moved and I found her inside the bag. If she had not moved, she would have been in the back on the trust, most definitely.” –Roman said ‘The dog was caked in her own filth. Her eyes were mattered shut and her fur was so tangled up in her overgrown nails she could barely stand.’ This just proves my point completely on how cruel animal’s abusers are. They don’t care how there just killing incident little animals and it’s sick plus wrong on so many different levels.
We all know that animal abuse is taking apart of our everyday life more and more, but it all needs to stop. If animal abusers keep hurting the poor animals, it’s just like hurting another human because animals have feelings too. Animal abusers need to have a better life style or get some serious mental help so they can stop the animal abuse. You can always help an animal in need by going to any humane society, and helping take of them or by adopting one.
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