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Littering in Our Society

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Littering has been an issue in our society for many, many years. From the side of the road to beaches, this action can happen almost anywhere. Not only is this illegal, it is intoxicating for the environment. Littering can be harmful in many ways. Animals often pick up trash and try to eat it. In the ocean, plastic can often suffocate them. Many litter items are not biodegradable and cannot break down or decompose, which causes long-term effects on the environment. When littering a cigarette into the environment, a wildfire can often start when a spark hits grass, a tree, or even a paper bag. When throwing garbage into lakes, rivers, or water canals, the water is affected and causes water pollution. This water pollution is not only harming our water supply, it may also kill fish. Many people know the harmful extents of littering, but still do it. This action is often killing animals and the environment.

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