Natural Selection or A Plan?

January 13, 2013
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I was thinking about Natural Selection today, and how nature itself chooses the weak things in life and takes them out of this life, I was watching one of my new born pups eat as i fed it today... Looking at it, I see a whole in the back of it's head.. Curious, i look closer and see an opening in it's skull and it's infected.. The pup only being probably 4-7 weeks old, I felt remorse for it, and that's what began my thinking for Natural Selection.. But my point being, If nature chooses the weak things in life, and send them back to the earth to replenish itself and keep the earth moving as a way of life.. Then i wonder why many of people in the world, have yet to be taken.. Such as myself.. Weakening day by day, So when will it take me? So i can fulfill life's choices and make this world and everyone in it prosper from what little my Life could actually change..

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