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October 11, 2012
By sarahcahaly BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
sarahcahaly BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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“You will get in less trouble if you tell the truth and don’t make up excuses,” my mom said. Of course I made an excuse. I had broken a picture from my mom and dad’s wedding,and I said my dog accidentally knocked it down. I thought I was being smart by blaming it on her because she can’t rat me out on anything. Clearly I made it up because I had a really small dog that weighed 15 pounds who couldn’t reach a picture that was that high on a shelf. I had the I-am-making-this-up look. Of course my mom knew it was me. What I have grown to learn is that my parents always know when I am making an excuse or telling the truth. Knowing this somehow I still always make excuses. I feel like making excuses will keep me from getting in trouble. It doesn’t. After making an excuse I realize how silly I must have sounded. I used to make an excuse every Sunday night so I don’t have to take the trash. I say I have to do home work, I need to shower, etc. Then when I am watching T.V. when my brother is doing it and my mom notices I end up helping. Now that I am older and smarter I realized if I go to my room and then wait to watch T.V. after he is done I don’t have to help. Even if it seems like you tricked your parents they still end up finding out anyway. I believe that you should just tell the truth because you will end up getting caught. It might seem like you have a great thing to say when it’s in your head but you probably don’t have the answers to some of the questions you need to. In the moment you will think you’re clever but you aren’t. Making excuses also brings people to not believe you or trust you. When you are telling people the truth they won’t think you are, and that you are just making something up to hide the truth. I believe that if it’s a very little incident then you can make a little excuse and let it slide but if it’s a big deal then don’t make something up. When I was little I used to make up plenty of excuses. Now I am known as the liar in my house. Whenever something happens people blame it on me and my mom believes them. I probably should have been more truthful and careful when I was younger. I don’t really mind taking the blame on little things but when it gets to the bigger things I know how to make sure my mom knows who really has the fault. What I am trying to say is that you should tell the truth and don’t make excuses unless you want to end up like me and get blamed for everything. I believe that if you want to be trusted always taken seriously you shouldn’t make up excuses. I believe, as my mom said, you will get in less trouble if you tell the truth and don’t make excuses.

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