Boracay Island, Philippines

August 27, 2012
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People come to the island of Boracay not because of parties, diving, swimming or water sports. Many other islands offer them already. It is the sand that makes Boracay unique from others. But the question is, is it still the same reason why people go there today?

I do not know why in my three times of visit there is never been as exciting as what other people feels. Is it because I am not just a naturally beach lover or is it the island itself that never entice me by its real beauty as a whole because of so many distractions. Initially, the Negative Capitalism is very much uncontrollable in the island. It is not just ruining the real beauty of the island but it aggravates the thinning of the sand. Why cannot the government officials there never thought of that, they just simply reason out that, oh it is okey to build another establishment because there is still space for that and for this, but if this is what they always say,it is not impossible that someday the island will disappear like a bubble and will drown like a needle. Negative Capitalism brings a lot of negative effects in Boracay, the destruction of nature by cutting its trees and not giving an attention and respect for our indigenous folks there, the Aetas. I do not know if this is the exact issue or what but I still remember that, because of the unstoppable building of firms there is that, the Aetas have to leave their place or they are force to leave their home, as what my brain remembers I saw it in the tv, in tv patrol maybe. As a resident of Aklan I can see that the growing population of Boracay had cause a lot of negativity .It results to, no proper garbage disposal, lack of clean public restrooms, the over capacity weight of people and because of this the space of the highway is not enough already, and the continuous growth of tricycles, it really brings air pollution. Why cannot the government officials in Boracay be like the other countries, that because of their uncontrollable speed of tourist arrival is they have to stop it by forbidding it. They see the growth of their tourist arrival as a negative impact and a problem in their country. But to our government it is not, as if they are afraid of getting rid of it because they cannot lose the money they are gaining from it. Greedy people. Boracay was engaged last year in sex scandal, lucky for the island’s reputation that the responsible ones was both foreigners. But still, the government officials should react about it and make a legal action concerning to this, it is like that ,foreigners are not respecting our place.

Yes, Boracay is like a city that offers everything. Fun activities to adventurous ones. But is it enough? No, it is not, it is really not enough. Is there any chance to gain back the old true beauty of Boracay? For me, huh, it is impossible, the Boracay ought to evaporate first and sprout again so as to be back itself. Do you think tourists come to Boracay because of itself? No, it is the establishments that entice them. True beauty of Boracay is gone, a long time ago. The one you see right now is the product of peoples own desire, expectations and imagination and creativity. We refuse to believe that, because you know ,it is our pride but indeed it is not, instead it is our disappointment.

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