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July 12, 2012
By Kelly5912 GOLD, Billerica, Massachusetts
Kelly5912 GOLD, Billerica, Massachusetts
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Meat, I love meat and I know that some of you guys who are reading this may be a vegetarian. Which I’m perfectly fine if you are but if you’re a crazy psycho vegetarian/ vegan then you might not want to read this. Whenever I see a vegetarian standing out McDonalds or something passing out flying that’s great it really is I got no problem. But when I see a crazy vegetarian/vegan coming up to someone’s face screaming and yelling at someone for eating meat and how sinful it is and inhuman it is to eat meat. Then I’m like shut up please. If you think about if we were all vegetarians or vegan then there wouldn’t be any fertilizers and such and soon there would be no plants. If we only consumed plants, all of the farmland that we have now to produce livestock such as cattles, horses, pigs, and etc all these would have to be used to raise edible plants, which may have a possibility of having no livestock and in return, no fertilizer from that livestock. If this happens eventually over time this results into no plants. This is like a domino effect really and it’s sort of confusing, I myself was confused by the concept and had my friend explain to me. But anyways to the point I basically don’t like to be around these people cause they try to force their ideas on how you should eat down your throat , I don’t opposed of your belief please don’t imposed on mine. Last of my reasons why I think it’s fine eating meat is because it’s so FREAKING good!

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