Bandung For You and For Me

April 13, 2012
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Place to place and city to city. There is plenty much to see in this world. From Bandung to Melbourne—London—New York. What is really matter, though, it is not where you at. What matters most is, well, YOURSELF.

Introducing my beloved hometown, Bandung. Located in Indonesia, it is approximately two-hour driving from the capital city, Jakarta. We have so many places offered for you to see. From Mount Tangkuban Perahu (there is very interesting legend about Dayang Sumbi, if you want to know) to waterfalls at Maribaya. You will be surrounded by friendly Sundanese people, although Bandung is the city full of different cultures and ethnics. If you have a chance, do not miss our traditional dance like Merak Dance or Jaipong. Then, watch Wayang, a shadow puppet theatre and UNESCO's Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. And just in case you’re curious, we also have Zara and Stradivarius and Topshop and Mango and bunch of fashion industries at our city.

I am proud to say that Bandung is a very beautiful city—my city.

But, how come, in this very pleasant city, people do not enjoy life?
Sadly, Bandung's heritage is not that popular anymore. Who wants to see Wayang Golek when all the cinemas showing up the newest box office movies? Who is interested in Merak Dance when all the hip-hop classes opened in here? The Sundanese people are not that friendly anymore. They are often seen swearing and fighting even all over the road.
No offense. To be honest, I have not really showed my appreciation to my city either. Sure, nothing is wrong in watching box office movie or learning the hip-hop dances. They are cool, really cool, actually. But what I want to say is how can you wish your city to be any better if you are not even showing your own appreciation to what is in it?

"Heal the world, make a better place," quoted from Michael Jackson in one of his songs. Why cannot we do that? Heal the CITY, make a better place. People said we, the youngsters are the one who holds the wheel of future. If it is not us, who else? We are the one who lives here; we are the one that will make this place better.
The key is us.
Maybe it is not a big thing at all. It is not a brilliant idea of development, government's issue, or social science's thing. But for me, the hottest issue for making our city a better place is in us.
Spread the love, guys! It is about love that will make a big change to everything that we can not even imagine. Try to love our city, try to make the best of it. Consider this, please. Dumbledore’s answer to every problem is 'love'. Well, since he is one of the greatest wizards through the ages, why do not we believe him?

If we close our eyes to the neighbor's greener grass for a while, maybe we can see clearly, there are so many things in our own city to be proud of, and by learning to love it, doing anything we can to make it better place with love, I believe it will become the best place, for you and for me.

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