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March 16, 2012
By loveit202 BRONZE, Millicent, Other
loveit202 BRONZE, Millicent, Other
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The environment, what is it? Well, it can be divided into many different categories. When the word environment comes to a person’s mind, most people think of animals, habitat and pollution. The macro group for environment could go on for hundreds of words, but imp not going there. I’m writing about pollution, and careless people who don’t respect the environment, or the animals and people in which live in it. In my opinion, youths are the worst at abusing the environment, particularly throwing rubbish, carelessly, on the ground. I see it every day at school, and it really does sicken me. Especially when the ground is covered in wrappers and apple cores, and then other students and teachers volunteer to clean up there mess for others. The school provides more than enough bins to dispose of peoples rubbish appropriately, but it really does not make a difference. Now, this is just my school. I imaging that this goes on in thousands of different schools across and Australia and the world. It is simply disguising.
Then there is the question of how many ADULTS carry this irresponsible habit. I just think, where does this rubbish all this rubbish go? Yes, the obvious answer is the ground, but how many animals consume these objects every day and face death because of it. Precious marine life, and land animals are dying every day because of people’s irresponsibility. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed more thoroughly by schools, governments and just people in general! I personally, and many others I would assume, believe that events such as Clean Up Australia day are great or this issue and really do get people thinking more about how they dispose of their rubbish. Also, when you look around public areas, you really do notice the difference. At my primary school, they were extremely involved in this day and the staffs were really enthusiastic about getting the kids out and cleaning up our streets, which was pleasing. That school also were passionate and keeping the school yard clean and tidy, you would never see anything like my high school grounds there! More events like Clean up Australia day and encouragement local governments would be fantastic to see.
As everyone that watches Television would know, habitat destruction and deforestation in many countries is a real issue and totally unacceptable. Amazing, unique and intelligent animals are dying from this greed of people. I really can’t believe that people could destroy animal’s homes; it makes me sick, and sad to see it happen. I relate to myself, and think if my home was destroyed, and simply can’t put my mind in that situating, and imaging what it would feel like. Yet, this is how these animals would feel, not knowing where to go, live ect. So many of these animals are protected species, many of which numbers are in the hundreds. When you see Orangutans, which are heavily involved in this, in the zoo or wild, you can really see their amazing intelligence. Studies show that they possess the intelligence of a four year old. Now what would a four year old if they had their home take away? The truth is, they wouldn’t know what to do. They are innocent creachers that do not deserve this treatment. I know I sound partially extreme in article, but this NEEDS to stop. It is pathetic, selfish, uncalled for behaviour!
Poachers taking rhinos horns for sale, which fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars, is another extremely selfish behaviour! Recently, I watched a documentary on this. A man in Africa was running a protection ground for rhinos. Here, they could breed and stay safe from poachers. Maybe not... A poacher had broken in to the facility and cut off a rhino’s horn. This rhinos then experienced pain and suffering, and later died. This story really shocked me, and I watched with whatever disgusted facial expression on my face. These rhinos were taken to this place for safety from poachers where they lived a happy life, and this person had the nerve to come in a cut this rhino’s horn off. WHAT. It was some the most pathetic and disguising behaviour I had ever viewed.
When I was very young, I watched a very extreme video on animal cruelty which showed pictures of skinning on hundreds of animals in foreign countries. I do not remember what type of animal that were being skinned, but I do remember seeing hundreds of still alive and moving animals in a rubbish dumpster. Their eyes were still open and moving. They were all pink as they were left in no skin. The pain these animals much have been experiencing was heartbreaking. Being so young, I was astounded a human could do this to a living thing, and did feel much sadness. This is not medieval times, or the 18th century. This is modern times, the 21st century where people are meant to be respecting and civilised. Doing something like that in today’s world is beyond belief and looked down on in most cultures and countries. But there still is those few places where traits like this are considered normal.
Also on a similar issue is finning. Involving cutting of a sharks, whales, dolphins and other marine animal’s fins and leaving them to die at the bottom of the ocean. Now, compare yourself to these animals. Imagine you arms and legs were to be cut off, and you were just left on you ground to bleed to death. Horrible thing to imagine, isn’t it? Nobody could really put themselves in this situating, which is not surprising at all. It just doesn’t happen to humans (Apart from rebellious murderers.) These people just do it and treat it as normal. When normal is really not what it is. It is pleasing to see Australians out on boats catching these people in the act! Stopping them from continuing to hurt these animals!
Well, in the end we can’t stop them ourselves. But what we can do is raise awareness. Simple things like Facebook events and an article in your school news letter all contribute. As a member of the SRC committee at my school, I will make sure I address this issue and raise awareness in my school! It needs to be done, and, with the amount of litter in my school, I will make sure of it! I hope this article has been informative to you, and has given you something to think about. I encourage you to help me with this, and listen particularly to what I’m saying in this last paragraph. OUR ENVIRONMENT IS PRECIOUS!

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Help our Environment and the animals in which live in it!

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