More Than Just a Couple of Ear Holes

December 15, 2011
By Rabbit420 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
Rabbit420 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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Salvatore: So I was chilling with my bro Andrew at his house playing with the plugs in my ears. I was tugging and pulling on my ears hoping to increase the size of the holes so I could go up another size. I got up to get a drink and roughly let go of my ear. I opened the fridge and bent down to get a coke. As I was reaching for a coke near the back of the fridge, my ear touched a jug of milk and was almost to cold. I reached for my ear and noticed that the plug in my ear had fallen out. I quickly got the coke and opened it and took a sip thinking that taking a drink of coke would help me find it. I walked back over to where I was sitting and set my coke on the table. I searched every where for this thing man I picked up pillows and the cushion to the futon, I even checked under the futon but no I couldn’t find it. So I sat down and kicked my feet up on top of the table to think about where it could have been.
Plug: So, listen its not that I didn’t like where I was at but the constant twisting and squeezing was getting old. Don’t even get me started about the stench of that place. Being stuck in that smelly crevice soaking up the smell was getting old. It was like being in some type of gross dead skin market of some sort. I hated it there and I’m never going back. I don’t feel bad what so ever, its actually pretty chill down here with that Lint Ball bro, he seemed lonely.
Lint Ball: I’m so glad I have a new friend.
Coke: So I’m chilling here with my buddies right and we are talking and having a great time yea, all that good fun you know. Then I was snatched up by the all mighty one. It was awesome, I was finally chosen! I know he wanted to pick my bud Corona next to me but something made him choose me. Then he absolved my sins man, he sucked all the bubbles right out of me. I feel even chiller now you know, like you know. It was stellar. I just hope I don’t end up like Peaty over there all crushed. He must have done some wicked things to receive punishment from the mighty one to be a thrashed like that.
Table: Yo, I think the only thing that has gone through more crap than me is a toilet. I mean I constantly get kicked and they all put there “feet as they like to call it”, on me and it sucks. They put their feet all over me they are gross and they smell bad. Look at this dude man he just chills back and does nothing while his “feet” are on me. Like I know I have four legs but that doesn’t mean you have to add like six more. And the coke is the worst part, I hate that guy and his friends, do you know how many of there bubbly sins I have absolved! Forget about it man I am done. If these legs could move I would be in a way better place.
Futon: This s*** is crazy man! I’m having a nice chill day nothing going wrong then boom this bro is ripping me apart like I’m some pillow to that stinking harry animal the mighty ones own. I mean I’m pretty damn comfy but you don’t have to get at me like that. It’s bad enough when the smelly animal climb’s all over me at night and drools every where, or when the all mighty ones gather around Glenda for countless hours but hey what you gunna do.
Glenda: OMG I love the attention I get from the mighty ones they stare at me for countless hours and I love it.

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