Kentucky Deer Hunting

October 28, 2011
By mrsedam BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
mrsedam BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
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The laws on hunting are very controversial, especially in Kentucky, and even more specific deer hunting in Kentucky. Then change them every year. End sometimes every season. It messes you up, and you can even get in legal trouble if you just use last years regulations, because they can and probably did change. Here are some laws that are very controversial and change a lot, so keep your eye on the following.
“The orange law, it’s the law that instructs
That you wear 400 inches squared of hunters orange. You must cover all sides of your body about waist and head if you wear a hat. Well first off 400in squared is a lot. Why should you wear 400 in hunting? As long as you have like 20 in on your chest and back and wear a hat you should be set. When you deer hunt you don’t just shoot anything that moves. You check it out first and 20 in is plenty orange to see. Since deer don’t walk on 2 legs that would give it away. Also I think you should wear little orange on legs. Like 2 stripes all on legs. Because your not always going to see the whole persons person. It’s just my thoughts.

Another law is that is disputed is the assault rifles. You can use ak74 deer hunting? Now if you’re using a .300 winmag or .306 you’re going to have trouble if you miss. But with a ask you miss you just keep on unloading.youll kill that buck plus the 4 others in that pack. I think modern weapons shouldn’t be allowed for hunting, Period.

Another problem is licensing the game. It says you can only take one buck and one doe. That’s two deer for the season. Yeah you can buy another deer for a price. But the original should be at least 2 bucks and 1 doe. We have thousands of deer in just Milton that don’t do anything but cause car wrecks so if we thin down the deer more. They will slow in thinning us out. Think about it. Have any of your friends or family had any wrecks or accidents, If not your extremely lucky. So upgrade the maximum limits.

To all our Kentucky fish and wild life representatives or members, think about it. 400 square inches is too much to expect, 20in on chest back and legs and hat would be plenty to see. Modern combat weapons shouldn’t be legal to use, less they had single shot, and like a clip of 5. 5 shots should be sufficient to get 1 deer. You don’t need whole group for dinner. Also 1 buck and 1 doe is not much and not suffient. Their killing more of us then we are them. So upgrade the maximum. Thanks.

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