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May 12, 2011
By shailee BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
shailee BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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The entertainment arena is a large global influence from fashion to ideology. It is especially a heavy influence on the young generation. Magazines, songs, movies, radios and other forms of entertainment media are, in many ways, negatively impacting these young teens.

Many of these forms of entertainment promote adult activity and behavior. Content that was considered risqué years back is now commonplace to hear or watch. Due to the lack of restriction, teenagers are free to be exposed to almost any type of material. Physical activity, drugs, alcohol, and other inappropriate behaviors are televised or printed almost everywhere. This can highly affect the young generation because a lot of teenagers look up and watch these forms of entertainment and result them into doing these kinds of things.

Conclusively speaking, I strongly support restriction on such content. It disables teenagers from holding on their innocence. It is important we have entertainment but in an appropriate format.

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