What's Causing Climate Change?

April 7, 2011
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Many of the major contributors to climate change are everyday things that you usually don’t think of. Eating less red meat would help reduce the amount of methane gas produced each year. According to UN Food and Agriculture cattle produce more greenhouse gases than cars, but car emissions also need to be reduced. Factories that produce a lot of goods also produce a lot of greenhouse gases.
Eating less red meat is healthier for the human body and better for the environment. A good alternate to red meat is white meat. “Health authorities have long advocated choosing white meat, saying it contains less fat and fewer calories…” (O’connor, “Really?; White meat is healthier than dark meat). “Recent studies show that high consumption of red meat can lead to cancers” (Otep, “White meat healthier than red meat”). If less red meat is eaten that means cows won’t be in as big of a demand. If cows aren’t in a huge demand farmers won’t want to breed as many. According to the UN Food and Agriculture, “Livestock causes 18% of global greenhouse emissions.” (Sustainable table). Cows’ burps and farts are more deadly than you may think.
Cars are also a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. “In 2009 in the USA alone produced 51,971,328 cars” according to Worldometers. (“Toxic Chemical Release- sources and methods”). Making more hybrid cars is a reasonable solution. Even though it takes more and energy and creates more waste to make a hybrid car than a regular car; hybrids are still better for the environment at the end of the day. Hybrids are still better because they have gas mileage. Producing gas is worse for the environment than the little bit more waste created to make a hybrid. Environmentalists agree, and claim that “In the absence of any thing hybrid cars are still better for the environment then their traditional gas guzzling counterparts.”(). Hybrids are quieter, better for the environment and according to Matthew Hicks, “hybrids remain the most environmentally friendly vehicles in mass production today.
Factories all over the world are creating a lot of green house gases! With the current economy local small business are struggling against bigger companies that produce in factories. Sustainable table says “at its roots sustainable farming benefits the local community and economy while supporting the environment by enriching the soil, protecting the air and water quality and minimizing energy consumption. Industrial food production entirely depends on fossil flues, which, when refined and burned, create greenhouse gases that are significant contributors to climate change…’(Sanders, “What is Local?”). People who work factories probably aren’t going to drop everything and destroy the factories for the planet! If they used greener machines that would help a lot!

There are several steps we can take to be friendlier to the environment; eating less red meat, controlling car emissions and reducing factory emissions would help the later effects of climate change. According to NationMaster.com the United States has less than 5 % of the world’s population, but we emit more than 25% of the world’s CO2. The United States should make a few laws for limiting and reducing greenhouse gas production.

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