Global Warming? I Don't Think So

March 12, 2011
Have you ever wondered what is really happening with global warming? Doesn’t it ever bother you that you never see true evidence about the so called “effects” of global warming? To be honest, it definitely bothers me a little. The fact that I hear all these things about global warming and how humans are polluting the Earth concerns me, but I question the effects of global warming. Global warming is happening, but the results are not as catastrophic as people claim it is.

It seems like every day I hear something new about global warming, or of new things we can do to help “save the planet”. I believe that a lot of these new ideas are definitely helpful to our community, and they help cause less pollution on the Earth. I also believe that humans cause a lot of pollution and things like that on the Earth. But can we go as far as to say that this is global warming and that these are the major effects from it? I don’t think so. Throughout the years, studies have shown that good old Mother Earth constantly goes through periods in time where weather patterns change, temperatures increase and decrease, the continental plates shift, and droughts and floods occur. Based on this, in all likeliness, the idea of the Earth continuing to warm up is more than likely false, and this is just another one of Earth’s phases.

Another thing to think about is overall temperature change. Most experts who believe in the catastrophic effects of global warming believe that average temperatures on the Earth are increasing. I find this idea very hard to believe. The reason is because there are so many temperature fluctuations in the year all over the world that it would be nearly impossible to find every average temperature in that area for the year. In addition to that, who’s to say that that average temperature actually is the average temperature for that day, month, or year in that area. Let’s just take the Reno area for example. Last year, in 2010, the record high temperature for the year was 102ºF. In 2002, the record high temperature was set at l08ºF. Now although you can’t really draw conclusions from any of this information, it still shows you that even record high’s for the year aren’t as high as they use to be. As a matter of fact, when I was born in Las Vegas in 1995, it was 104ºF outside. This just shows that even record high’s are beginning to decrease, and so are record low’s.

So as you can see, there definitely is some global warming going on, but it’s really not a big concern at this point. Now let’s look at weather patterns over the years. Experts say that as a result of global warming, their will begin to be more violent storms, and sea level’s will rise as more and more polar ice continues to melt. Although it can’t really be proven how drastic the severity of storms have been in the past compared to the present, I can still show whether or not sea level’s have risen, let’s say in the past 5 years. So in 2006, the world ocean had an average depth of 3711m. Just last year in 2010, it was recorded that the average depth was 3682m. That’s a decrease of 29 meters or about 95 feet. Now although the data 5 years ago might not have been as accurate as today’s data, I would think that the depths didn’t vary that much. So, this shows that the average depth of the world’s ocean has actually decreased over the years instead of increased as many scientists predicted it would because of global warming.

So in conclusion, I’ll leave you guys with something to think about. First of all, based on what I have told you, is the Earth really suffering from what politicians and experts call Global Warming? Second, if it was, where is the solid evidence? Third, have we experienced any major catastrophic events that have been cause by global warming in recent years? And last, have the so called “effects” of global warming affected you? I haven’t seen too many cases where it has.

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