One simple match

April 29, 2010
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A blanket of darkness and gloom winded and weaved its way through the dead forest like a poisonous snake on a hunt, frantically trying to fill its empty, aching belly. A forest that was once so lush, so thriving, was now crushed to oblivion, leaving the souls of the perished to forever roam this never ending forest of despair. The little girl walked ever so slowly through the ash and dead plants that littered the icy ground. These very plants and trees had once brought peace and serenity to this world of pointless violence and hatred and had provided a home to a variety of living beings who had all lived meaningful lives until something stripped that away from them with brutal force. Trees lay one on top of the other as far as the girls eyes could see and she bent her head down in mourning for the lives that were lost in this unfair battle of destruction and cruelty. A strong gust of wind blew into the silent, barren forest. A gust of wind like this would have once made the leaves on the fruitful trees rustle and sway and make colorful birds sing and chirp with pride. Now all they did was sweep away the grimy ash that now crushed and suffocated the corpses of once vibrant flowers that had once soaked and basked in the light that the sun gave generously and unselfishly to the deserving plants and animals. No longer would the sun leak through the leafy trees and spread its glorious rays onto the forest floor and bring happiness to the life that once occupied this forest. No longer would life emanate from the luscious grass and expand through the forest like an entity of love and hope. No longer would the essence of prosperity leap from each individual plant that worked together to build the framework of life we depended on. And no longer would this embodiment of grace and power ever reap the benefits of life again. The girl stumbled across a birds nest that held cracked robins eggs nestled inside that would never hatch and be able to view the wonders of the world. The small girl knelt down on the defiled ground and hunched her back over the pulverized birds nest and let fat tears tumble out of her big blue eyes and roll down her cheeks making wet tracks down her dainty, grimy face. Never had she felt so sad in her entire life. Never had she felt the grief and sadness that now ran through her body like a live wire. Sobs racked her body, causing her frail, bony shoulders to shake violently. The air she was breathing- if you could call it air- was so polluted that she had trouble sucking it into her body. And through watery eyes she looked out into the desecrated forest and thought with painful misery what a horrible thing one simple match can do.

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BlueStarling said...
Aug. 29, 2010 at 11:55 pm
I really liked it.
Tallulah said...
May 12, 2010 at 6:47 pm
Once again, a beautiful piece of written work! 
SydneyEgg replied...
May 12, 2010 at 8:36 pm
Thank you!
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