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Alcohol's Effects on the Body

May 10, 2013
By BigTMorales SILVER, Auburn, New York
BigTMorales SILVER, Auburn, New York
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When we think of alcohol we think of parties, having fun, and the possible effects alcohol does to us. Alcohol affects many young and old users. Most commonly users of alcohol today are teenagers. Teenagers are usually peer pressured into trying alcohol or they try to escape their pain or suffering from the outside world. What most teenagers don’t know is that there are better ways to cope with depression or pain with something better than alcohol. Alcohol abuse is extremely common and should not be experience at a younger age to know what alcohol is like.

Alcohol affects both male and female differently. Men who drink alcohol daily have an highly increased risk of health risks. Men who drink daily can experience low energy to sexual difficulties in the short term to heart disease and cancer in the long term effect. Men are more likely to develop Liver Cirrhosis and have twice the chance to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. About 26.6 percent of deaths of men aged between 16 to 24 years old can be contributed from alcohol use. Men are twice as likely as women to abuse or become dependent of alcohol.

Alcohol has many effects to the male body such as fertility and sexual performance to alcohol messing with your appearance. Alcohol reduces testosterone levels. This could lead to loss of libido and reduce sperm quality and quantity. As well as affecting hormones, alcohol is directly toxic to the testicles. This could stop sperm production as well as stopping them from developing properly, and reducing their movement towards an egg. Alcohol can also affect the structure and movement of sperm by stopping or limiting the liver from properly metabolising Vitamin A which is needed for sperm development. Alcohol depresses the nervous system in which it makes it difficult for a man to get and keep an erection.

Most young adults don’t realize that alcohol is fattening. Alcohol reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. Since our body cannot store alcohol, the body tries to get rid of it as quickly as possible. This process takes priority over absorbing nutrients and burning fat. Long term effects can do some serious damage to men’s appearance. Some long term effects of drinking alcohol are withering of the testicles, enlargement of the breasts or man boobs, and loss of hair on the body.

Heavy drinking can worsen skin disorders such as rosacea which causes the blood vessels in the face to expand making your face redder. Heavy drinking also causes inflamed red bumps and pus spots to appear. Heavy drinking doesn’t just cause wobbling pecs, it can cause your Gout and arthritis condition that causes inflammation, swelling and pain in your joints. This commonly happens to men aged 30 - 60 years old. Excessive drinking or binge drinking increases the chances of liver damage, heart disease, cancer, bone disease, type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression. Also your pancreas becomes inflamed and your stomach becomes irritated due to excessive drinking.

Women on the other hand have different effects. Women’s bodies in general take longer to to process alcohol at a slower rate than men. When women drink similar amounts of alcohol, they tend to feel effects of the alcohol far more than men. Drinking alcohol can affect women’s fertility as well. Alcohol can put women at a higher risk for breast cancer and increase side effects of the menopause. Women should altogether avoid alcohol at all costs if trying to have a baby. Alcohol can also disrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle and reduce her chances of conceiving.

Drinking less will make you look good. Drinking alcohol causes tired eyes, bad skin, and weight gain for both a male and female. Alcohol interferes with the amount of sleep you get as well. You will often wake up feeling and looking like you haven’t had much rest. Alcohol will always dehydrate your body including your skin. Alcohol is thought to deprive the skin of certain vital vitamins and nutrients.

Alcohol consuming should be taken seriously as it could cause serious health risks. Excessive drinking or binge drinking should be well aware of if you know someone is drinking too much or if they’re abusing alcohol. Alcohol should consumed only if necessary. Teenagers like you and I didn’t know the true side effects of alcohol until now.

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