Medical Marijuana

March 12, 2012
By YashKhade BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
YashKhade BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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You’ve seen what illegal drugs do to people, so now why would it be used? The topic drug I’m talking about is marijuana the drug has been illegal in the U.S. Now the government is actually considering allowing the use of marijuana but only for Medical usage so it’s known as Medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is also known as Cannabis it was first used in ancient China and Taiwan it was used for stings, bites, or injuries that are very painful. The leaf would be grinded up and put in a tonic to be drunk or the seeds can be used to make oil that is applied externally such as poisoning, falling hair, and dryness of the throat. Most of the time, Cannabis is used just as a relaxant. So the people pushing for Medical marijuana are using the argument of how it relives pain, it is very useful in relieving inflammation of bowl diseases, migraines, and helps nausea. The idea that marijuana has no substance that is potentially lethal unlike most medicines where overdoses are toxic is true since it doesn’t show signs of toxic substances. Recent studies on Cannabis show that it can help relieve pain in very big surgeries such as a cancer surgery where even after the surgery the immense pain is still there so Cannabis can be used to reduce pain. Most of the topics stated are true but they are just from recent studies so there is a chance they can be disproved.
The people few people who are pushing for this are using arguments such as it is a pain reliever for many medical symptoms. It is also an all natural approach to pain killers since it is not a lab synthesized drug. Even though it’s been banned for a long time apparently now it’s being reconsidered and they believe it doesn’t cause damage to the user. Though Cannabis is being considered now there is a lot more information against it such as it can be addictive, the usage of it can actually have harmful effects on the body, and it is also a gateway drug so it can lead to drugs which are more dangerous. It can be an even more drug abuse since it will be more available.

Marijuana has been illegal in the U.S. for a long time because its affects have been known to be dangerous but now just because a few recent studies that are viable to change have shown up saying it is safer people are actually considering it being allowed in the Medical sector. The usage of Cannabis is good at dealing with medical conditions but the thing is that it can be addictive since the user may start to feel safe with using the drug and then feel as if he or she needs it. The uses of it can also be very harmful to the human body since it can damage organs mainly lungs since it is usually smoked to get the most effect but the smoke can hurt the lungs and if it’s eaten it can offset your gastric system meaning it can harm your stomach if eaten to large quantities. If the use of Cannabis is allowed even for medical purposes it will still become more available and the drug usage will skyrocket. Marijuana is known a gateway drug since it can lead to drugs even more addictive and destructive.

Overall the consideration of marijuana for Medical use is not a bad idea but it is a illogical idea since there are safer drugs that can handle most issues. The drug has been banned for a reason, so don’t tamper with just because of some recent studies that need to still be put under speculation. In the end there are more solid facts against the use of marijuana there are for it. So then, why would you allow something that has been banned for years to suddenly be allowed just because of some fresh new theories?

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on Apr. 2 2012 at 5:25 am
yeamehey BRONZE, Margate, New Jersey
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Here's what you fail to miss: it's not your choice. Just because you think it's addictive, gives you no right to tell someone else they can't do something. They're messing with their own body, so it isn't any of your business, right? It should be legal, and if you don't like it, then don't smoke it.


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