drunk driving

November 22, 2011
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Have you ever thought of how safer the roads would be with less drunk drivers? If we had harsher punishments on drunk driving we could have less accidents from drunk drivers. Even though some people say we should not have harsher punishments on drunk driving, we should. We should have harsher punishments on drunk driving because it can cause accidents, kill families and loved ones and you should have your license taken away not let off the hook so we have less cause of accidents.

When your drunk you can cause accidents. Would you want to risk your own life or kill someone else because of driving drunk? You can kill yourself and other people if in an accidents with another car. You could get sent to prison because of this. Alcohol related crashes lead to death for young Americans for the ages 16 to 24. Over 394,000 people die of alcohol related crashes in the past 20 years. About 45 people are killed each day, 300 + each week and 17,000 each year because of alcohol related deaths.

Also when you drink and drive you can tear families apart if killed in an accident. How would you feel if one of you family members died in an accident because of a drunk driver? Families fall apart when loved one’s die or when kids or any family members die. You could kill a family in a different car because you were drunk. Also some families/kids/spouses/parents never get over death this could cause anger and hurt inside of them.

If you are caught driving drunk your licenses should be suspended you should not be let off the hook. If you let drunk drivers off the hook most likely they will do it again. If you are caught 2 to 3 times driving drunk you should be put into jail. With less drunk drivers on the road the less accidents could be prevented.

We should have harsher punishments because with harsher punishments we could try and stop drunk driving and help cause fewer accidents, help cause less people to die because of drunk drivers. And if you get caught driving your license should be suspended you should not be let off the hook. So next time you drink and drive think of the bad things that can happen when you do.

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