Should Marijuana Be Linked To Other Drugs?

August 28, 2011
By CassidyRyan BRONZE, Tipton, Missouri
CassidyRyan BRONZE, Tipton, Missouri
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"This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, or cocaine."
This is something that has been drilled into our brains from third grade up, sometimes younger. But, should marijuana be linked to meth or cocaine? Meth and cocaine have major effects on your life, your brain, and your body. If you have what is called "meth mouth," it is difficult to get a job. Meth mouth is cause from smoking meth, and it is caused because the chemicals involved in the making of meth eat away at your teeth when they are passed through your mouth. Also, if you display something called "Tracks," it is also difficult to find a job. Tracks are spots on the fold of your arm, these are caused when you "shoot up," meth or cocaine. When you shoot up, the drugs are shot into your veins, which is called "mainstreaming."
On top of these signs causing you to be declined for many jobs you apply for, it can also kill you. Meth and cocaine kill your brain cells as well as making your heart race, causing fatal heart attacks.
Despite these bad side effects to meth and cocaine, marijuana has little to no derogatory side effects. It has the chance to cause Chronic Lung Disease, but only if ingested six or more times a day for five plus years. Also, you may overdose. But, the chances of O.D.'ing because of weed are slim to none. You can only O.D. if you smoke 6x times your body weight in half an hour, which is next to impossible.
In my opinion, marijuana should not be linked with meth and cocaine. I believe this because if you've ever heard the saying "Marijuana is a gate-way drug," it makes the upcoming youth believe that if they smoke weed it is okay to try meth and cocaine, giving them lifetime troubles and down the road to a worse life.

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