Shroom Ad

January 17, 2011
This ad was created by Aveeno to help sell night creams and lotions. This print ad was used to target high class white females who are in there thirties or older. One bottle of Aveeno night cream costs around $25, retail. The target ethnicity is white women because in their campaign ads, only white women are used. They use symbols in this ad that pertains to drugs. The ad says, “Have you discovered nature’s secret for ageless beauty?” Then underneath that is a picture of a mushroom that could be saying that the secret for ageless beauty is drugs.
Although this ad is meant to be flipped over, if you don’t, you will not understand it. On the back side the ad has pictured three women who look like they are plain folks. Also, it gives a description of the new product that Aveeno has and how it has shiitake mushrooms in it.

On the back side of the ad, it tells about their product and how it is supposed to slow aging. It also says that 73% of women saw reduced lines and wrinkles in just four weeks. But, the ad never tells who did the research.
The shiitake mushroom is put in the night cream because that is an active ingredient that gets rid of wrinkles. According to a 2000 journal article the shiitake mushrooms have been found to secrete a substance called lentinan that stimulates the body’s immune system and eliminates some viruses which could make the wrinkle disappear. The hidden message is that drugs are the secret for ageless beauty.

The tools of persuasion used are symbols, fear, and flattery. Fear is being used by the fear of aging that if you don’t use the product, you will get wrinkles and look old. A lot of women don’t want wrinkles because it will make them look older and the women care about how they look. They are using symbols because drugs are the secret for ageless beauty. Also, flattery is being used because the ad is so sure that it will get rid of the wrinkles in just four weeks and make you look younger again.

The healthy message in the ad is that this cream is supposed to rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger. The part of the ad that is not being told is that one of these bottles sells for about $25 or more retail value. It also doesn’t include the ingredients of the night cream, except the shiitake mushrooms. But, the cream also includes an ingredient called polyethylene glycol which has the tendency to irritate sensitive skin and upset the skin’s natural moisture balance. The ad also doesn’t include the side effects of using the night cream.

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