Pit Bull False Accusations

April 12, 2018
By Katy041701 SILVER, Phx, Arizona
Katy041701 SILVER, Phx, Arizona
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Pit bulls are often mistreated out of fear. People who train fighting dogs use mostly pitbulls because of the strength in their jaws. Because of this most people think pitbulls are naturally vicious animals. But their not, they shouldnt be discriminated for how some were raised to be. For example, when I had a pitbull every time i would take her on a walk even when she was a puppy, people who were playing basketball, watching their little kid play in the front yard would watch her walk by in fear constantly. Whenever there was a little kid they would yell “PUPPY!!” and start run towards her, she would be so happy during this moment, but the parent or whoever was watching them would get up and run after them pulling them away from her before they got there… she would look at me with the sadist eyes, I’d tell the parent that she's harmless and walk away. Every time this happened it broke my heart to see her face when she looked at me. Ever since I’ve been fighting for her, for them, so they can live and be happy to go on walks again like every dog should be, instead of not even trying to get a stranger to pet or hug them.

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