All the People in the World Must Deserve Human Rights

November 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Most of the poor people are not happy with the way they are treated and they also would like to be treated how you are, all are humans the only difference comes in money some people are rich,some are medium,many are poor. Legally considering the universal declaration of human rights all the people should get sufficient rights which would be fair.


All the people should mainly get the basic rights such as:- Everyone has the right to live, to be free, and to feel safe- Within any country you have the right to go and live where you want.- You have the right to leave any country, including your own and return to it where you want. And many more human rights which could help people. Many poor countries such as Afghanistan, Bolivia, Congo, rep, Haiti and many more countries like that don’t get the human rights that the people need to live. All the people are living under hard circumstances in order to live. All the human rights are the set of principles that shares the equality and fairness. Every person has their own privacy and value. One of the ways that we recognise the fundamental worth of every person is by acknowledging and respecting their human rights. Human rights are a right which is believed to belong to every person. One of the main differences between these two groups of rights is that, in this case of civil and political rights, the government should make sure that they, or any other group are not denying people access to their rights. However in relation to economic, social and cultural rights, the government should take active steps to ensure that the rights are being fulfilled. Individuals form some countries may also be able to take a complaint of the human rights violation to a united nation committee of experts, which would then give us opinion. In addition, education about human rights is just as important as having as laws to protect people. Long term progress can really only be made when people are aware of what human rights are and what standards exist. Human rights are a belief that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity no matter what their circumstances which means nobody should be treated or tortured in a degrading way. For example: Cambodia a poor fragile country in which people don’t get human rights. Most of the people work as slaves or do a very small job in which they can stay alive. All the people that said no to Cambodia and went out as refugees are being treated very badly in harsh refugee camps mostly in Nauru the detention camps are very bad. Cambodia looks set to resettle refugees from Nauru. But the problems with this policy go beyond Cambodia's grim human rights record. It is not only bad policy but also unfair for the Government to send asylum seekers to a poor country like Cambodia when it is Australia that should be honouring its responsibilities. To conclude I would like to say that all of the point of this article was the people should be treated equally and fairly.

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Poor people inspired me!

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