Animal Rights

June 1, 2017
By stephanie_monroy BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
stephanie_monroy BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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In today’s life it's unpredictable what you'll see happening in our society as you walk down the streets you live in, what the poor animals that have been abused have to deal with in their everyday life. Most people ignore the fact that the animals that need our love and affection are out there getting hurt in many painful ways, and that's not right. We need to put an end to all the abuse there is if we want our animals to be safe and be treated with the respect they need. So therefore we need to add harsher punishments so that people can stop hurting animals and start treating them with respect.

Throughout many many years animals have been suffering through lots of injuries and deaths because they can’t do anything to save themselves. In China they have a dog meat festival every year on June twenty-first to celebrate the summer solstice and it lasts for ten days. During those ten days there are about ten thousand through fifteen thousand dogs that are eaten and slaughtered in front of the public view and the other dogs there. Results show that there is a higher percentage that all those dogs were stolen from their loving families just to be eaten and beaten at the festival. The dogs they didn't steal were all strays from the streets. They are torturing them by transporting them for many days without having any food or water and they are stuffed into really tiny cages. Once they get to the festival throughout the ten days they are being hung, burned, skinned, and beaten all alive so that everyone can see them. The poor animals can't do anything to  be able to save themselves, all they can do is watch. Considering everything they do to just dogs in China, imagine what goes on in other countries that don't really care for animal abuse. Therefore the people of china that are hosts of this festival should all be punished due to the cruel activities done to the poor dogs.

These last few years the usage of animal abuse has been increasing. In the state of Massachusetts the animal abuse laws are not harsh enough, there are many people out there who are guilty of hurting animals and don't care about what the laws state. Even though there is punishment people are still hurting animals on purpose. Those people don't follow the laws because they can get away with what they have done easily. In Massachusetts someone can be imprisoned for at least seven years or at least two and half years depending on how bad the situation was, they can also get a fine for about five thousand dollars. But that will not stop them from continuing to hurt the poor animals. It has been proven that about sixty-four percent of reported animal abuse has to do with dogs, dogs are the animals that most suffer from animal abuse because they are a common household pet. So our laws need to be more strict on animals laws because animals don’t do anything to harm humans, in fact they are there to keep them company.

The society we live in now thinks that it's okay to only think about yourself, but it's really not. If you have a pet you need to own up to it and be responsible for taking good care of it. Many people that have a pet disrespect them and abuse the animals because they are going through a rough time in their lives as well. People who feel powerless and who have struggled through rough times see that harming animals is a better way of solving their own problems. These people are self-centered and they think it's gonna make them feel better, not thinking about how it gonna affect the animals. The average number of animal abuse cases reported each year is 1,920, sixty percent of that involved dogs and eighteen percent of it is cats.

Knowing that the animals are defenseless there are still people out there who argue that animal abuse is okay and that it doesn't really matter. Fifty percent of the fur in the USA comes from China and millions of dogs and cats were skinned alive for that fur. Over fifteen million animals like rats, mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, and birds are all killed in laboratories due to harsh testings of chemicals and drugs every year. People don't care if animals are suffering because it's not them who has to deal with the harsh punishment they get for literally doing nothing. That being said if we do not add harsher punishment so that people can stop hurting animals and treat them with respect they will continue to get away with being able to hurt hundreds of animals. We need to stand up for the animals and help them suffer through less torture in their lives.

Being aware that yes, stopping all the animal abuse in the whole entire world might not be possible but at least trying to add harsher punishments can help one animal from getting abused. Although some people believe that animals don't deserve the same respect as us humans get, we should tell someone to stop hurting that poor animal that's trying to live its own life the next time something is happening. Animal abuse is not right and it's so devastating seeing the animals getting not just beaten but killed, eaten, skinned, and burned. All this torture has to come to an end and stop.

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