We Are Who We Are

October 11, 2016

I woke up to fighting. Someone was angry about the doings of someone else. Why should it matter what the person beside you is doing. I also heard yelling about the religon of the other person. Do I think the other person deserved to be yelled at, no I don't. Can I change that, and could I have prevented them from feeling hurt, and confused? Absolutely not. Can I keep in mind that everyone is different, yes. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL. There's not one person who doesn't have a flaw. Even the rich girls who's daddy pays for her friends. There's a reason she's like that. She doesn't know any better. We were all raised different ,and we have different views on things. Keep in mind that no one wants to be picked on, or bashed for being who they were raised up to be. Cut them some slack. Be the one who stops, and gives them a smile. You could even save someone's life by giving them a small, sweet smile.

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