Dear America

September 24, 2016

I'm a African-American girl, I would give you my name but to you it's irrelevant because you already have my skin color, which means you've already got an opinion of me. You've never seen me, you've never met me, so you wouldn't know that I like to laugh or that I've read so many books, my mind is like a library. I have long black hair, and the reason I mention that, iso because you'll think it's weave and it's not. I write this letter to you because I'm angry, confuse, and sad. And the reason I feel this way is because America, you're treating African-Americans like garbage. You treat us like we're expendable or targets or even like we're some kind of menace and WE ARE NOT. We're human beings, whether you recognize it or not. You don't get to shoot us down like stray dogs. You don't get to make life decisions for us. Not now, not ever. I should never have to look in the mirror and be ashamed of  what I see. America is supposed to be about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and for the last couple of years I see that less and less among African-Americans or "Black" people. Right now the nation is dividing and the violence seems to escalate every day. Sometimes it doesn't feel like the "United" States of America, it feels like the "Divided" States of America. I don't  want my brothers to live with a target on their back, they deserve better than  that. So America, as an African-American girl,I ask you to please stop letting  people die. Those police officers didn't deserve to die, and neither did Keith  Scott, Terrence Scott, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, or the rest of the fallen  African-American men. So please, America stop this cycle before it ruins us.

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