Gay Rights

December 15, 2013
By Anonymous

Gay rights. Those are two words that have been around for quite sometime but, the idea has never been fully accepted throughout the world. Gay marriage is a big factor in gay rights. It is the marriage of two of the same sex. Whether you are male or female, gay marriage should be accepted. There has been many things done throughout time to try and get everyone to accept the idea of gays. One major and probably one of the most popular movements was the Gay Liberation Movement which gained momentum in the late 60s. This movement “urged homosexuals to ‘come out of the closet’ to reveal their sexuality to their family, friends,and colleagues. Many people were scared to reveal who they truly were because they were afraid of being discriminated against and they were often verbally and even physically abused” (Berg). To make this world an easier and more fair place to live, the government should provide equal rights for gay marriage.

There are many reasons why gay marriage should be supported. And if it was supported how it would have a positive effect on society. The idea of equality is that everyone should be treated equally. As we know, that isn’t true. One big example that we can back that up with is the idea of gay marriage. Why should liking your same gender affect your life? A man and woman can get married no problem. But when it is two men or two women, it is such a big deal. I am not to sure how that is considered equal. Another reason that gay marriage might not be supported is the idea of having a child. Yes, we all know that you need a man and a women to “create” a child, but this definitely should not be a reason that they are not allowed to get married. If this was the reason, then infertile people should not be allowed to get married. But there is no rule banning that. Therefore, that should not be a reason!

On the other hand, there are some ways that supporting gay marriage could have a negative effect on society. The idea of marriage has always been between a man and a women (“Gay Rights”). When you paint a picture in your head of a couple getting married, that picture is most likely of a man and a women. It is the idea that got into our heads, it is what we were taught that causes to believe that gay marriage is wrong. Say, once we first started learning, we were taught to count on our fingers, but as we started learning new ways, we did not rely on our fingers anymore. This is the same concept with gay marriage. We were always taught of the marriage between a man and a woman, but now more and more people are learning and becoming accustomed to the marriage of two of the same sex. Another reason, for this, is the problem that they cannot produce children together. I don't think of this of a problem because they are well aware that marrying their same sex comes with the complications of not being able to have children. But, that means more children are going to be adopted because of this, which is a great thing! One less homeless child, and now, one happier home. The final reason in which gay marriage could have a negative impact on society is the idea is incompatible with the beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions of many religious groups. Many Catholics and Christians do not approve of gay people because the bible clearly condemns homosexuality and it undermines the basis of God’s created order where he made Adam, a man and Eve, a woman, not two men or two women.

Even though gay marriage has both negative and positive effects, like almost everything does. The positive effects definitely outweigh the negative ones. Gay marriage should not be limited by religious objections. What is going to happen if you marry your own sex? Just because the bible says that marriage was suppose to be between a man and a woman, so what. What is going to happen if you marry the person that you truly love? Luckily, the idea of gay marriage is becoming more common throughout the world, and more and more Americans are accepting the idea rather than going against it.

All in all, the government should provide equal rights for gay marriage. They already have enough control over your life, they should not be allowed to intervene in personal life, and have control over who you marry. It is your choice to marry someone or not, so why should it be illegal to marry someone the same sex as you? Is there harm being done by marrying them? No, there isnt. So why should it matter. Gay marriage should be accepted everywhere because its your life, its who you love, and it's who you want to marry, they are your choices and not anyone else’s. So let the people marry who they want to marry.

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