Could Someone Please Explain?

July 24, 2013
By , North Platte, NE
Why are we so unequal in a country founded because of unjust inequality? We were known as the land of opportunity, a symbol of freedom for hundreds of thousands of people, and now we the people struggle with racial problems that have been unrealistically prolonged, and religion pitting us against each other.
Growing up in a family full of racists, I know all the insults in the book, but that doesn't blind me from what I see happening. As far as I can tell, white people are the only ones who are thought to be capable of being racist. As I said before, I know plenty of racists, so yes, they still exist and colored people, whether black, brown, or red are still victims of discrimination.
But, just because white people have had a history of being racist, does not mean the other colors aren't.
I think Michael Richards put it best, when he said, "we call them 'N' words, beaners etc. etc. and we're racists, but they can call us crackers, whitey, and cavemen and that's OK."
Racism cannot only be put on the white people's shoulders. Yes, we enslaved blacks two hundred some years ago. We're sorry, your great something grandfather had to work in a field, but there's nothing we can do about the past. Get over it! We are not going to give you special treatment just because our ancestors screwed up. The Irish were once enslaved, does that mean because I'm Irish I deserve special treatment and if I even hear the slightest bad comment about me from a Mexican I'm going to claim, "it's because I'm Irish isn't it?"
The same goes for religion, as an Atheist I get pretty tired of hearing that if you go to church you're a good person. I know a very bad guy, only a year older than me and he's already a serial rapist and child molester, and guess what? He went to church every single Sunday. Don't try to tell me that because you believe in a God that you are automatically a good person.
We don't believe the same things, and I doubt we ever will. Just because you believe you are right doesn't mean any single religion should govern our laws and practices.
Inequality is holding The United States back, we need to stand up an voice our opinion, even if we are only teens. One voice may not make much of a difference, but that voice can bring together several people with the same ideals. Let's make a difference, and make the U.S a better place to live in.

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