Opinion or Fact?

June 11, 2013
Something we see in our culture today, in the past, and most likely in the future is the fight for equal rights. In our country previously it was African Americans and women who were openly in the fight for equal rights and presently it is the LGBTQ community in the main spot light. But, the main question is not who is fighting for rights it is why they don't presently have the same rights as everyone else. Are we basing how people are allowed to lead their everyday lives more heavily on opinions rather than facts?

As it once was, African Americans were not allowed to eat in certain restaurants because they were for whites only, or women were not given equal pay as men or even allowed to hold the same work positions as men and now people of the LGBTQ community are also denied basic rights. But why? The answer to this is plain and simple, it made/makes some people uncomfortable. As to why some people are not comfortable with such things we may never know but what we do or should know is that one person thinking someone or something is different and therefore not worthy of the same things as they are is an opinion, not a fact.

So, why do we base people's rights off of some one's opinion? The fact of the matter is we shouldn't. Ask yourself this, what are basic human rights that all people are born with that we take away from them due to circumstance and opinion when they grow older? Previously it was the right to work, or the right to go to certain places and now it's the right to marry. We cannot treat people unjustly based off of someone else's prejudice. We've already tried separate but equal, do we not remember how that turned out? I shouldn't be able to say I have rights because I'm a straight 16 year old white girl who was born into a middle class family, I should be able to say I have rights because I am a human and all humans are equal.

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