Depression at its Worst

February 11, 2013
Depression makes you seem selfish. It's hard to think of other people when you're wrapped in a prickly blanket of sadness. All you think about is your own sadness and nothing else. People stereotype depressed people as only thinking of themselves. Those people that are depressed seem like they are in a black hole. Over three quarters of people with depression experience some kind of discrimination. We can stop discriminating against depressed people by not looking at them differently. They might be going through a hard time, but we just don't see it.

The emotional things that depressed people go through is that they feel alone, they also feel worthless. Sometimes they feel so alone that they might have the feeling of taking their own life. There are different forms of depression, examples are major depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorder with depressed mood, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, and manic depression. They are all different but the same. They all cause you to fee alone and worthless, those feelings may last a week, months, or a year. Sometimes when you're depressed and sad you may not know that you're sad. Depression can affect all aspects in your life like behavior, how you do in school, work and your thoughts. If you don't go and see a doctor about your depression than you may become more sad and want to take your own life.

Some facts and logic about depression is that more than 20 million people just in the United States suffer from depression in just a year. 15% of people that suffer from some kind of depression take their own life. Two-thirds of the 20 million people don't get the treatment to help them get better. 60 to 80 percent of the people that are depressed get successful treatment.

Something that society could do to stop discriminating against people that are depressed is try to help society. Everyone is always competitive for what they want or what they want to do. The people aren't dysfunctional, social systems are. Society makes us feel like we aren't good enough, pretty/handsome enough, and smart enough. Mostly society makes us depressed, but also other things can make us depressed. According to Washington University the economic cost of depression was $30.4 billion but the people that are suffering can't be estimated. According to NBC news Claudia Bradley said that “Depression for me is like being in a dark hole," Bradley says. "There is no sunlight and there is no end to the darkness I'm in."

We could be standing next to someone that seems fine but they could be totally broken. Sometimes depressed people don't want to tell anyone that they are depressed because they don't want to seem attention-seeking. Those are some reasons why we should stop looking at depressed people differently. Everyone is different, we don't know the pain that some people have felt or are feeling.

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