Double Standards

August 20, 2012
By Andy96 BRONZE, Doha, Other
Andy96 BRONZE, Doha, Other
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" Its neither black or white its right, its neither white black its a fact- the game is called unity" - James Brown

Double standards, to me, have always been a very interesting thing to speculate and analyse. The double standards that I will be discussing in this particular article are the ones that apply to the sexual lives of people. I want to prove the hypocrisy of human behaviour but specifically male behaviour, and how we as men tend to place ourselves above women in terms of social behaviour, mannerisms etc. Why do we place ourselves above women in these areas, well simply because we are men and because of that little thing that dangles in-between our legs we think we possess some sort of superiority.

A simple example to prove the former and a popular situation that some guys and gals might find themselves in right now is a situation where a guy sleeps around a lot. He picks up a different girl almost every night, whether at a bar or at a club or a lounge and sometimes at church, he manages to seduce the naive girl and his date with her ends with good morning rather than goodnight.

Obviously this dude is not looking for a long term relationship that requires discipline, commitment, respect, trust, dignity and many other essential components that are necessary for a relationship to work – nah this dude wants a good tap and that is final for him.

His various circles of friends are aware of his irresponsible, promiscuous behaviour and do they judge him or condemn him or mock him both in and out of his presence? Of course not, instead they encourage his destructive behaviour and welcome him with beers and high fives. His mates praise him for his conquest, he’s a player.

Now let us take the situation and turn our central character into a female. She picks a different guy every night and like her male counterpart her social circles are aware of her behaviour. Do they judge and condemn her? Yes! They judge her ruthlessly, calling out names such as “s***” or “tramp” and “w****”. People do not want to be associated with her, nor do they want to be seen in her presence, bitter words are uttered behind her back. She is ostracized and somewhat socially out cast, only a small minority of her friends stay true to her.

What reason do people have for treating her this way, why does society change their attitude towards her sexual life, what excuse justifies our ignorant, harsh judgment towards women who live these lives? Well it’s both perplexingly simple and terrifyingly stupid – she is a girl.

She is a woman, a female and therefore she is not permitted to behave in such a manner because somewhere out there an unwritten rule declares: men may shag like rabbits and be loved by all but if a woman is caught is such behaviour she automatically becomes a w****. Men can do it but women cannot, it’s stupid but that is the thinking of some people in society, especially the youth.

Such thinking needs to be eradicated immediately because this is the type of thinking that is turning our land into a cultural wasteland. Men and Women are equal in all aspects, they are different yes, but equal nonetheless and both sexes must try to treat each other with respect, civility and dignity at all times.

Guy’s for the past few thousands year we’ve been treating women like subservient beings who serve no purpose but vegetating in the kitchen, that needs to stop, changing our everyday attitudes towards sex and sexuality can be a small step in advancing the mission of women’s right and feminism. Holding back your tongue and not judging, trying your best not to label or condemn her could be greatly helpful.

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Sometimes guys can do silly things

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on Aug. 24 2012 at 7:41 am
LittleLadybird GOLD, Carrickfergus, Other
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To be nobody but yourself in a world that is trying it's hardest every night and day to change you into everyone else is to fight the hardest battle a human being can fight, and never stop fighting.

Wow...awesome writing!! That's a really really good point, people see that sort of thing everyday and no ond realises that it's not fair. Thank you for speaking out about it!


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