Just One Big Politician

July 5, 2012
By Anonymous

I am so tired of societies games.
I'm tired of trying to change myself and hide myself so my "friends" don't miss understand me think I'm weird.
I hate the feeling when your so excited about something you did and when you tell someone, they don't believe you just because they couldn't do it themselves.
I don't like shallow threats and blackmail, or how people use it to try and get you to do what they want.
I'm tired of shallow people making up things about themselves to make their lives seem more interesting and impressive.
I don't like how people stereotype each other and expect them to only act like what they look like they should.
I don't like how people look at you and instantly assume they know everything about you.
I don't like "secrets", how people use them as bait, weapons, and bribes. I don't like the "trust" with secrets, how you trust others with a secret that you have no right to tell.
I am so tired of people thinking you have an obligation to make them nothing but happy because you are their "friend".
I hate how when you get mad at someone for being mean, they say your rude and shouldn't focus of their problems but your own. They are your problem!
I hate how people always assume your just like them, and when you don't fit their perfect little box, they hate you for it.
How people expect you to conform, wear their brands, do your hair a certain way, like a certain thing, and hang out with a certain group. Maybe I want to hang out with all the groups? Or maybe I don't fit in any of them at all and you shouldn't want me to.
Why do people avoid others who are different. Talk behind their back yet show a nice face when others are looking.
Why do people play mental games? Can't they just be truthful? Say what they mean, mean what they say?

Life would be a little more harsh, but life wouldn't be a huge politician.

The author's comments:
Just another one of my rantings. But really, society is just one pit of sick games that we all play become we are blind. Open your eyes. These actions are silly and you will never gain something form them on a long term scale.

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