Race in America

October 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Recently I wrote a research paper dealing about race in the 1950s. As disturbing as the discrimination that occurred back then may seem to people there is still a fine line between races today. To me the culture shock that Americans experience today is ridiculous. People are not thinking before they act. In theory, Americans are only a little better than we were before it was said that all men were created equal. People’s stubborn characteristics make it hard for society to escape discrimination. Ways in which change has been hard to abide by is we finally have a black president after all these years, there is only one black judge out of the nine on the Supreme Court, and the majority of teachers in elite colleges are white. Part of the reason why America is so racist still today is because our role models are. It is a known fact that grandparents know more than everyone else. While I agree with this statement the validity is not always the best. This is because a lot of grandparents have strong opinions on race and do not have a problem expressing their feelings. These feelings whether we believe it or not do impact the way we perceive the opposite race still today. When will this be overcome? The only way this problem will be overcome is if people open up their hearts and give people chances. Sure, trying new things may not always turn out to be beneficial, but at least people will have their own reasoning if they must act with such discrimination towards the opposite race. By this destruction of these stubborn mindsets barriers between people will break down and create a more perfect union of race in America. Furthermore, maybe in the future “Race in America” will not even be a controversial topic and rather just a reflection about how ridiculous the amount of time for change was.

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