If all i am is a color

August 16, 2011
If all I am is a color then I guess I’m just blue not literally but emotionally . Everything is decided by color I hear my friends say he acts “white” I was under the impression that we act as ourselves not a shade. Even now today more than a hundred and fifty years after the civil war interracial relationships and any kids resulting from it are still looked down upon. I always thought love didn’t have a color and knew no boundaries wasn’t that the reason we all love “Titanic” and “West Side Story”. There is girl I know she is beautiful and so likeable but she is out casted by some people simply because she looks beyond skin color when it comes to love people find it disgusting that I could even like after she “switched sides”. So here I stand today in a supposedly equal society being judged as a “wigger” for loving hip-hop being called a queer because I believe people should love who makes them happy regardless .Told that I wouldn’t understand because I’m a whiteboy, even though when I say I’m okay with these things I can see people look at me different alienated in my own family because I have the nerve to listen to rap and agree with president Obama. I feel I have good understanding of being judged as wrong for being yourself especially since the reason I’m not supposed to get you is simply because I’m white I’m nothing more than a color is that all I am and all I ever will be?

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