Born This Way

June 5, 2011
By , Scottsdale, AZ
Ridicule, derision, angst, reverence, desolation; the five words that barely sum up and describe the torturous ways of judgment. Why do we judge? Does it give us a feeling of self-gratitude? Does it make us feel superior to all those around us? Does it get us through our day when ours aren’t adequate enough? Unfortunately, I can agree to all of those questions. Everyone judges in some way. Our parents judge, our friends, our neighbors, our teachers; it’s in our blood, and flowing ever so rabidly. For as much as we know, it could never dissipate from our Earth. It could forever be just a weed in the ground we’ll never be able to get rid of. However, I believe we have it in ourselves to overcome this way of life. It may take time, but I know just as well as many others do that we’re born this way, and there’s no changing it. So, why judge at all?

We all try to impress, to compete with others. We all care what people think of us whether it be just a small or tremendous obstacle in our life. We change our views of life, modify our looks, and re-route how we think. We lose our sense of dignity with the simplest malicious viewpoint of an individual. We fall to pieces over how people judge us. I’ve judged people point-blank, and out of earshot. I’ve been judged just the same. It’s a lot easier to be the inflictor, than the receiver. If people know this, then why does it continue? How can something so common not have a solution yet? Is it one of those things majorities of the population haven’t wrapped their heads around? I believe so.

It’s an everyday ordeal. One that not only can we not explain, but one that karma hasn’t interfered with yet. We try to overcome it, but it seems to keep coming back. Wars, battles, harm, corruption; all from one thing based on how we think. This could all stop, if we understood and believed, that we were born this way.

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MichZ said...
Jun. 16, 2011 at 11:00 pm
AMAZING! And so true!
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