High School Hypocrisy

May 22, 2011
By Lynzgae BRONZE, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania
Lynzgae BRONZE, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania
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What comes to mind when you think of High School? For me, it’s the movie Mean Girls, you know with the preppy cheerleader type with the long blonde hair that’s snobby and a big gossip? Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that’s what most think of. High School is a time of growing (not learning, I can get better information off of Wikipedia then I can in a whole years worth of high school). And in this time of growing and finding out about yourself is when the fun stuff starts.
I hope you read my last comment with a sarcastic tone, because I find High School in no way, shape or form fun. I see huge stupid yellow posters everywhere saying ‘Bully free zone!’ and ‘Everyone’s equal!’ Where, pray tell, does this bully free zone you speak of start and end? Because it must have a radius of about one foot, because they’re bulling everyone out there. And the word bullying always reminds me of when you were back in grade school, and the kid who was way too tall and muscular to only be ten years old would take your lunch money. I would much rather an over-developed ten-year-old take my lunch money then have to walk through the halls and see people talking about me behind my back. This ‘bullying’ the posters were talking about should be changed to harassment, because I don’t think grade school kids were ever this cruel.
It always starts over something really stupid, like a he said she said kind of thing, or a relationship, and then it turns into a huge feeding frenzy of your self esteem. Honestly high-schoolers are like sharks, they can smell drama from a mile away. But after the attacker decides they want to make your life miserable, it’s almost impossible to stop them. My friend recently has had people telling her things on her Tumblr (of all places) that’s she a liar and cheats on her boyfriends. This is untrue about my friend so she went to the school and showed them the messages she was getting. And do you know what they did? They told her they can’t do anything because the attacker won’t say my friend’s name, but they said the name of her ex boyfriend, her current boyfriend, and they’re sending it to HER Tumblr, isn’t that enough?
And it seems that if you’re being targeted by one of the ‘popular’ kids, there’s almost no way you can possibly save yourself. My one friend has very long hair, and people make fun of him for it. One time in his A period these boy’s would call him names and scream rude homosexual remarks at him, and the teacher did nothing to stop it even though she admitted she knew what was happening. And when I was younger these four boys would always push me, call me a freak, and throw dirt at me. So one day I went to my teacher and he yelled at me in front of the class to “Sit back down, no one likes a tattletale, how old ARE you?” I would like everyone to know I was the mature age of nine.
I was once told “if you can manage to survive high school, you can basically survive anything” I laughed when I heard this, its High School, how bad can kids be? Why are you acting like high school is some type of war? Well, because in all honestly, it is a war, but these people who may make you sad now, and these teacher’s who don’t do anything, just remember that it does in fact, get better. And with each passing moment in high school that you feel just might be the breaking point, those moments mold and form you into the human being you are, and it lets you grow and be a better person, so that when you see someone being tortured, you can do the right thing.

The author's comments:
High school is a dangerous place. And it seems like no one has your back. But there are people that do.

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