Interracial Relations

May 22, 2011
By Peaches095 BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
Peaches095 BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
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What i don't understand is that people get so judged about who someone is with and who someone is not with and i don't understand all.

People choose who they want to be with because of attractiveness,personality,whether they're funny or out going,things like that,not because of the color of their skin.

Too be honest, it's really ridiculous to me because even though for example, along time ago when white hated blacks and things like that, that was along time ago.This is now, the present.

I understand that racism is still here, it's still alive and not extinct but, i mean, if a white man is attractive to a black woman,that his decision and it's not your right to tell a black woman to not date him because of when along time ago, white used to beat blacks.

One thing i also don't get is that people don't say anything when a black man is attracted to a white woman. i mean, just because the woman is white,it still means whites beat black along time ago, so why is a white man being judged and not a black man?

I don't know if that'll ever be answered but,it'll be something that i'll never understand.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this article is because l've seen where people always want to make a white guy be wrong for liking a black woman but,it's okay for a black guy to like a white woman. i just don't understand that.

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