true colors.

May 17, 2011
By emiliyah BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
emiliyah BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Everybody around me right now is fake.And you know what I don't really give two craps.I just realized their true colors.And they aren't pretty. I should have known, but I didn't care.They weren't my best friends but they still count and they think they're the s*** when they aren't.They always assume when they don't know the facts.They always hear a small piece of the stories and mix it into their own little lies and keep getting madder and madder because they make themselves believe it's true.Then they start to get everybody against you even people you thought would always be there and know the real story. so I sit here in math class on my macbook and write this while they sit behind me a talk crap when later when I say something and they deny it all swearing on material things they love because they know I will do something about they're lies.They think it's cool to make people feel bad because it makes them feel stronger about their poor pathetic selves, that goes home every night and is a totally different person.They can say all they want because that will just give me a better reason to hate them.

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