April 15, 2011
By smile101 SILVER, Piedmont, South Dakota
smile101 SILVER, Piedmont, South Dakota
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Are you a rose? Are you the lone dandelion out there? We, as people, are like flowers. A rose, a symbol of love, happiness, peace. Roses are known world wide for its significants, they are "popular." You know in high school when everyone knows the Smokin' Hot quarterback of the football team, or the lead cheerleader? Yes, you know the super pretty one, that thinks she is better than everyone else? They are like roses, the popular ones.

Next, to the roses are the rest of the team, the beautiful flowers that still don't quite measure up to the roses they are still popular. They hang with the crowd, trying to be the best.

Lets stray away fromt he flower bed; look into the large, rich, vibrant green lawn. Wait, what's that?! A yellow dandelion!! One standing head of yellow, by itself. The kids at school who feel alone, very alone. That they are an outsider, just wanting a friend. Their heart is crying out for a friend, attention, but they are thought of as just a "weed."

Next to the base of a large apple tree, only the small children find, are the small light colored flowers. Often over looked.These flowers go hand in hand with the dandelions. They see every other flower getting recognition. These flowers only get it everyonce in a while, by one or two people. These children, are walking past, knowing the are doing the right. But no one notices how hard they work, and all the praise goes to the "popular" flowers.

Hen and chicks, the ones that spread all over the flower bed. The not so pretty ones. They are like the children with no other life. They spread negativity, trying to become popular but they just get annoying, and too powerful.

Finally, there are the flowers that look just the same, but to know they have something special you have to look extra close. These are the students with a great passion to make a difference, to reach out. They appear to be normal, like everyone else, you just have to look into their hearts first. Examine them, give them a chance to bloom.

All in all, God made every single flower. God made every single human. Whether it be a "rose" or "dandelion" they are still classified as "flowers," be faith! Each and every person has something unigue, they are all beautiful!

So, are you going to be the one that looks at just the rose? Dandelion? Or even the little flowers by the tree?

The author's comments:
I'm tired of seeing kids at school treat their peers in such a bad way. I wrote this analogy so people can see it in a different perspective.

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