You're Not Alone

February 20, 2011
when everything seems to fall to pieces right in front of you like an earthquake, stand up and step out of the way. it's not the end of the world.

when someone calls you a s*** or a w**** or whatever stupid names they come up with and they're all over you like bacteria, brush it off.

when someone talks about you behind your back, especially haters, they obviously have nothing better to do with their life. your life is clearly more interesting than theirs--haters make you even more popular than the people who talk about you. turn your back on them; they're not worth your time.

if you hurt, there are so many people around you who are willing to fix you when you break and catch you when you fall.

never lose faith. i don't care who you are--i believe in you. i love you. you are beautiful and incredible and perfect to me. when you fall, i'll pick you up. if you lose faith, i'll give you strength to pull through. i'll be here for you. i swear with everything i have to give. the way i see it, you are perfect in every single way. you're amazing; you're beautiful and incredible in your own way. no matter what you think, just know that you are absolutely perfect to me.

got haters: don't hate back. just forget about it.
lost hope: look to the person next to you for strength.
feel lost: there's always a way out.

inspirational songs:
F****in Perfect - Pink
Me and Jesus - Stellar Kart
Go - Boys Like Girls
Beautiful - Christina Agulera
Beautiful Disaster - Jon McLaughlin
Colorblind - Counting Crows
You're Not Alone - Saosin

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