Why must we be this way?

January 31, 2011
God loves all his children. God wants us to be ourselves. God needs us to understand what he is trying to say through his disiples. God says in the Bible that he believes that there is only happiness between one man and one woman. God tells us to be happy, right? People in this world that juge one another for any aspect on life, are loved by God and their opinions. Thus saying suck cruel and hurtful words and or opinions in a tone that God does not approve of, makes others unhappy. We are all related in the eyes of God. Would you talk to your mother that way? Then why would you talk to a peer that way? If you were really Christans, you would underdtand that it is the beholders choice what he or she does with their life. God is here to love you and direct you down a path of holyness and rightousness. To be happy and loved by the Earth and all of the above. :)

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