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December 11, 2010
By iloveromeo BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
iloveromeo BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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As a child growing up I learned about discrimination. To me at that point discrimination meant people from different races not accepting or excluding someone due to the color of their skin or ethical background. I never really paid attention to the matter. To me discrimination was something of the past something us Americans had outgrown and amended. Has I look around I realize I was far from right. Discrimination is still a big part of our society. It’s a growing epidemic and without us knowing we are losing the battle.
Most people haven’t understood the meaning of the word discrimination; it doesn’t mean the differences people make to certain race: in my opinion discrimination is the exception we make with people around us because they don’t fit in the vain, shallow world each and every one of us has created for ourselves. Americans; the worlds role model, is crumbling to pieces. We have dedicate our lives to create these picture perfect images of our selves we walking around with our heads up high proud of this empire we have built ourselves. While our children our future is being attacked by something we think is merely a game a phase they will outgrow.
Rejection due to discrimination is a very deadly thing it can cause teenagers even adults depressions, low self-esteem, even suicide. The want to feel accepted is so strong humans are born with the desire to fit in and will go great lengths to achieve that. People are no longer being discriminate for the color of their skin but for the amount of money in their bank accounts, for the size of their jeans, for the life they have, for the people they talk to, for the mistakes they have made, and for the family they come from. I believe it’s our duty to end discrimination at all cost.
I recall hearing once that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day were people wouldn’t be judged for the color of their skin but the content of their character. I too dream of a day where people won’t be judged for their jean size or the neighborhood they come from but for the content of their character.

The author's comments:
Maybe by submitting this people will recognize that descriminating some one is not write i hope i will change peoples perspectives

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kathy said...
on Dec. 27 2010 at 9:08 pm
ohh i think this is awesome this article should totally win!!!

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