living like an invisble person

November 15, 2010
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Special ed what is it? It is a group of classes that are for people that have learning disabilities, can't see properly, can't hear right etc. I know I'm invisble to people, I'm just another girl that is there to take up space. No... I am not. I do have a place in this world. I might have one hand that works correctly I am the same. I might walk down the halls without knowing what's up ahead. But, I do know that no one will see me. Sometimes I will say hi to my friends that don't judge me. I say hi to the friends that say hi back. But, most of the population of my school think I'm invisble. Just a girl in the back of the room. My group of friends are always the same group, no new friends unless they sit at the group isulated from the quad. We talk... We laugh and sometimes we cry. Just as a normal group of friends of the others. I know some people think we are in stupid classes. (mostly the people in them call it that) but it's true. I then think as I'm one of the last ones on the track. I just want to yell out... "Wait up!" But, no words are echoing through the wind. And, for that, no one stops and waits for me. I would give anything to make people say that I'm lucky that I don't have to do push-ups or sit-ups... I don't feel anything I just feel empty inside... Not happiness. So... Next time... When you see someone walking differently or in a wheelchair... Go say hi... Because I garuntee that it'll make them feel 10 times better

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