June 6, 2010
By , Indianapolis, IN
Nativism- is the belief in wanting to preserve the country for white, American-born Protestants. So what this means is that the people in that country want the country to stay the same race of people, which it says nowhere in the constitution that you can keep other people out of the country, but then again they are not part of the country yet. So there are many questions. The people that lived in the U.S. were worried about the growing foreign population. So they decided to make up a group called the Nativists.

Most, nativists disliked the Irish immigration, because most of the Irish settlers were part of the Roman Catholic Church. A group of nativists, in New York, formed a secret group, so that no one would know what they were doing, until they knew how to solve the problem, of course, some other back-up plans. Then they went political naming a party, The Know- Nothings. One of the candidates from that party ran for president and won 21% of the vote. But unfortunately, the party ended over the issue of slavery.

Today, there are still many nativists in the U.S., but they now are called “racist” people, as some people say. Many of them discriminate, the denial of equal rights or equal treatment to certain groups of people, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterns, etc. They can be any race, gender, religion, etc. Today, we can make a change by accepting who people are. I mean we are all from different countries, unless your Native American. Many people’s ancestors were immigrants once, either by force or came for new life. So let’s make a change.

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