Racism: A Big Issue for Little People

May 4, 2010
America has pretty much people of every ethnicity. However, not everyone gets along. Racism lurks around every corner, and in every person.

With each family and with each person, are different levels of expectations. Some think that each person's varying abilities to do things is closely related to their race, also called, stereotypes. Things like african americans playing basketball, hispanics playing soccer, and sometimes asians playing pingpong. Stereotypes can be about pretty much anything. These stereotypes will always follow you and annoy you. For example, one day, I'm at school walking through the hallway towards my locker when a group of people come up to me and say random things like "ching cha chang wah" all while making ridiculous movements in a futile attempt to mimic karate. Now, being the person that I am, all I could do was ignore it and keep walking.

When kids are bullied, it's usually because there's something different about them. Race is something that makes you different. Often times, kids are bullied for their race while they can do nothing about it. You're born who you are; it can't be changed nor do you have a choice in it. There has always been discrimination. Think back to the 1800s when there was slavery. Then segregation after slavery was abolished. Racism will always exist, it just might not be as noticeable as widespread segregation.

People tend to look at those unlike themselves in a different way. However, people of the same race or culture already have a slight 'connection', making it easier to understand each other. People of different race of culture, however, do not have this type of mutual connection. They look at each other without understanding and will not understand unless they make an effort to, which most people won't. If everyone was raised the same way, with the same culture, with the same language, the world would be much different.

As long as there are different appearances, cultures and languages, racism will always live on. Don't be the one to make someone wish they were born differently. There is nothing to gain for anyone from that. Let them be proud of their race.

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MiddleOfAnEgg said...
Aug. 2, 2010 at 7:13 am
i'd have to agree, a lot -- especially with the last paragraph. good job :)
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