Affirmative Action

January 14, 2010
Are you going to get into the college of your dreams? Well it turns out that there is a possibility that you may not get accepted because of their ethnicity. That sounds racist right? Many United States colleges have a system of having to accept a certain amount of minorities to give the appearance that the college does not discriminate against minorities including African Americans, Hispanics, etc. Affirmative action should not be used in U.S colleges because it is not fair to everyone, thinking that affirmative action can end a racist past is itself being racist to the majority, and affirmative action will not end racism.

One who is under the category of being a minority might ask, “Why is affirmative action unfair.” First of all it benefits them so that is a typical question. Second, for a minority it is only normal for them to ask that because the minority has an advantage. However the majority is being accepted if the college has enough minorities to give off a good impression. Affirmative action can be seen like this: if two students apply to the same college and the school requires a certain amount of minorities then the school will choose the student whose falls under the category of being a minority. This is affirmative action, but it is also not fair.

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