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Should We Legalize the Development of Nuclear Weapons?

April 21, 2018
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Development or pursuit of nuclear weapons should stay illegal because by legalizing nuclear weapons we will be putting future generations at risk. I’m an average teenager who uses social media daily. I read many things from Facebook and Instagram every day, and one of them is a country called North Korea. They are considered a “rogue state”, which in turn means that they are one of the 5 countries that have committed one of four transgressions, North Korea being one of them due to their pursuit of weapons of mass destructions or nuclear weapons. The pursuit of this weapon has put much of the North Korean population in poverty, but if they were to use this weapon on a country, it would leave that country in terrible conditions (Rogers).

The last known use of a nuclear weapon was the various nuclear tests launched from North Korea. While, it is still in its test mode, who knows when a war will trigger use of nuclear bombs? North Korea is a fearful country that is setting a great example of what a rogue state would do (Tarabay). There’s no doubt that nuclear weapons hold massive power; however, we haven’t done enough to prevent it from being developed.

Whenever a nuclear weapon hits a city, it’s irrefutable that, it would leave the citizens of the country with little to no chances of survival. Let’s take a look at the most recent example, of a nuclear weapon attack.The Hiroshima bombing that took place in Japan, 1945 in the last stages of World War 2. Junko was a thirteen-year-old girl when she suddenly heard helicopter noises coming from the outside. She and her family were so used to helicopters flying that they even identified the type of helicopter, as you can see from the quote “I hear the sound of  B-29’s”(SBS). However, they weren’t aware that this aircraft had a nuclear weapon ready to be detonated. In the house, there were three people, Junko, her sister who was eating and her brother who was playing the guitar. In the interview, she said she could recall seeing something dropping, and then “There was an intense ray of light”(SBS). That was when the city of Hiroshima was struck by the bomb “Little Boy,” which caused Junko to pass out immediately after. When she woke up she recalled seeing her sister impaled with a chopstick, she was holding and her brother impaled by multiple pieces of shattered glass. Her only clear thought through this was “I am going to die, I am going to die”(SBS). Afterward, her siblings reunited with her father while her mother was safe away from the city (Austriandr).

Isn’t it shocking, how a child was questioning her life? After being attacked by a nuclear weapon, Junko had to walk alongside thousands of other victims north for miles before she finally received support. Even after months, this area has suffered massively, with polluted water killing thousands of citizens and the radiation in the area which poisoned many of the survivors (Myers). If we legalize nuclear weapons all over the world, this will happen, not only in Japan but it will happen all over the world. By legalizing nuclear weapons, we will be opening a door for countries like North Korea to unleash their powers upon citizens all over the world.

Many would think that we should pursue these weapons to defend our country against the rogue states, however, what help would that be, if all we’re doing is being major hypocrites. If we legalize nuclear weapons around the world, we are just going to be killing each other, until there will be no more humanity to destroy. We will be repeating the horrible wars that tore apart humanity, and repeat events like the end of World war two where countries started using nuclear weapons, and honestly, nobody wants that (History).

  Once again, we have shown ourselves a new way for us as species, to go extinct. However, if the nuclear development would be stopped this progression towards the end of humanity would stop too. Around the world, it is estimated that there are 15,000 nuclear weapons and most of them are more powerful than the Nuclear Bomb that detonated in Hiroshima. (TIME). Countries around the world, need to put more pressure on rogue states to stop development of nuclear weapons, so future generations wouldn’t have to face this in their lifetime.


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