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To the Upcoming Generation

January 25, 2018
By s.taffet BRONZE, East Brunswick, New Jersey
s.taffet BRONZE, East Brunswick, New Jersey
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When I was younger, if you had asked me what I wanted to be when I was older I would’ve told you a movie star. I mean who wouldn’t to grow to and be famous? But now, as I’ve come to think of it I wouldn’t want to be famous. I would not want my everyday moves watched or have to meet society's expectations. I want to be whoever I want, whenever I want, all the time. You know, it's funny because that’s the thing children grow up thinking life is going to be simple and they will get what they want. Don’t get me wrong I have I have full respect for those who are famous and I could not imagine how they do it, but it’s as if kids need to learn the reality. Yes, they are kids and they are supposed to wonder and have dreams but those things need to translate into something believable. We need to stop sugar coating things and show each other that there are other things out there. Instead of wanting to be famous, we want children to grow up and want to face world hunger or become the President. They need need be trained to grow up in a world where others will judge them or try to beat them down but they need to overcome. They will be the upcoming generation and have the potential to change the future for other generations because they are the future. They are the change they want to see and we need to make that happen. We need it to apply to society and change society in a way where everyone will be kind and no one will have to struggle with the problems man faces now. A place where social media plays a part in everyday life. People will have face to face interaction or perhaps a human connection. We will go back to simpler times while still advancing. We will help the world come together in a way never done before. We will help the world come together in a way never done before. We will not grow up in which others did with hatred or fear. We will grow up to be free and take a stand. We will fight for what we believe in and change or conquer our fears; the word that holds us back from being open or honest. We must help our kids and grandkids and so on realize that they can make more of a difference then they may think. We must help set the path toward success and teach each other it is okay to be different or feel different; to stand out amongst others. We must be a leader. So we come to the question who is we? Well we is you. We means me. We means one. It is several groups
of people no matter race, religion, or color; who come together. WE the word hat brings us together. Groups are one and our differences are hidden to show in the end we are all the same. We must come together to prove everything can and will be okay. We will come together to show an example. We must come together to help others learn of what’s to come. We must show each other it is okay to help one another and step out of society's expectations. We play a role in life that we must use to benefit each other or use as a platform to be better. So we must stand before one another and take away the word I because not everything can be how one may want, we must compromise to become the change that the world needs to see. To do this, we must stop thinking as an individual and start thinking as a whole.As one united and with that a change will start and a movement will occur; towards a better tomorrow for future generations. But, only if we can put aside everything we’ve come to know to now put it into something more meaningful. We can do this and if we try tomorrow will be better than today or the day before that and the future will be a better tomorrow.

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