If I Were Mayor of My Town…

November 29, 2017
By Emani BRONZE, Miramar, FL, Florida
Emani BRONZE, Miramar, FL, Florida
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If I were mayor of my town I would have schools teach students about life skills and ways to impact and improve the future. I think kids today need to learn how to use technology in order to solve present and future problems. Schools adding life skills in the student's curriculum will benefit the kids futures and how they might approach obstacles that occur in their lives. For example managing their own finances or knowing how to buy a house or a car. I would have schools teach the foundations of how money works and the responsibilities of having funds to themselves. It would give the students an idea or plan of how they would want to use their money in the future. I feel like this would be good because it would expose the students to life like experiences instead of learning how to do long division or learning how to drop an egg from a five-story building without breaking it . I would have the schools create classes in which are related to what the students would like to have as a future job. So that they are prepared in that field. For example being an software systems developer or, a registered nurse to take care of the aging population. These jobs take time learning and studying in order to be proficient in their fields. Jobs like a robotics technician, waste management consultant, and Inventors also consist of studying and learning. If I were mayor of my town I would emphasize the importance of technology. Kids today are used to using there phones and video games, but don’t even know the how to write a single line of code. I would encourage the future generation to learn about programing and show creativity, instead of wanting to become the next superstar athlete. I would also include different forms of technology. In classrooms I would include personal laptops and ipads so that kids could have hands on experiences. Another type of technology I would add would be Smart Boards giving students the next level chance of understanding the content in the classrooms. My goal would be to give every student in my town a chance to be something in a way that benefits them and their society. I would want to achieve the goal of having schools make their kids develop successfully in a way that they are prepared for the outside world and its challenges. Overall if was mayor of my town I would have schools teach their students the importance of impacting the future by knowing how to deal with problems in life and fix them with the usage of technology.

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