If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 29, 2017
By tvanderleegte22 BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
tvanderleegte22 BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
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If I were mayor of my town there would be many things I would change including the safety of the people, the amount of trash all over our communities, and also make sure the schools have good education. Although these things might be hard to change, their things we need to change to make our community a better place.

The safety of the people in our community is the most important part of all. To make our community a safer place would be a very hard thing to do, since we can’t predict the crimes that are occurring. Most of the assaults and robberies that happen in our communities are between people that already know each other. This shows that the crimes that do occur in the communities would be nearly impossible to prevent. However, to make everyone feel safer in their homes I would make sure that there are armed police forces in every neighborhood to make sure that when something like an assault occurs they would be right there and ready to help. Even if a crime does take place the damage would already be done, but with the armed police being there it might prevent the crime of happening since the person doing it will know they’ll get caught. As mayor I would make sure that everyone could go to sleep at night with no worries.

Making sure that our communities are green with trash not laying everywhere is also something that is very important to me as mayor. To prevent people from littering is something that would be nearly impossible because people still do it even though there are consequences like fines. I would make a day in the community dedicated to cleaning up the streets. On this day the people of the community would all come together to clean up around them. As mayor I would do this because I want to make sure that the streets we walk on aren’t covered with waste.

I would be making sure that all schools have a good education. I would make sure the students have learnable environments and that they have all the supplies they need to learn. I wouldn’t just make sure their education is good, I would also make sure that the students in our communities have food to eat during lunch and fields to play on during their free time. Another important thing for the students that I would make sure they have is the opportunity to play sports after school. I would make sure this happens by donating money to the schools that are in need of a better education. As mayor I would make sure all the students get the good education they deserve.

If I was the mayor of my town a lot of things would be changed but since that would be really hard to do, I chose a couple. I would make sure that everyone feels safe in their communities. I would also make sure that the streets we walk on are green and that there is not trash laying all over the place. I would also make it a priority to make sure all students get the good education they deserve. As mayor I would do many great things in my town to make it a better place.

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