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November 24, 2017
By BirdNerd BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
BirdNerd BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I believe that black lives matter supporters are wrong and have been for years. They do not look closely enough at police-related death statistics in order to have a valid argument that cops are racist. They say that black people are killed the most and that is a valid reason for kneeling on the anthem. I believe that they are wrong and kneeling on the anthem is like spitting on a veteran. Once you hear the statistics, you might agree.


I believe that the black lives matter groups have no reason to protest to begin with. It is a fact that more innocent white people are killed by cops than innocent black people. That also includes the fact that black people commit homicide at 8 times the rate of whites. The Washington Post and The New York Times both agree that, according to statistics, more white people are killed than any other race combined. Some people will refuse to accept the cold-hard facts and say ¨ Well, that is because there are more white people than anyone else!¨ That is a false statement. You can just look around the classroom and tell that is false.  You might be wondering “Why don’t we hear about this on the news?¨ Well, I have an answer for you. The National Review says that the media is afraid of being wrong. They would rather the black lives matter crew have protests like war-zones where they stick up the finger and scream ¨What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!¨ The media would rather we lose the life of valued police officers than admit that they were wrong, while they continue to live in homes that are protected by police. What will they do when every cop quits? Even after the attack on downtown Dallas, the media still refuses to be the better man, and simply say, “I was wrong.” There is really no reason to protest unfair treatment from cops when you are the one mistreating them.

Some will claim that the black lives matter group is not racist. People say that they are needed because they protest the killing of only black people when black people are not the only ones who are killed. The group claims that colored people are the only ones who are mistreated. I have found no proof after long researching aiding their claim. This might be because their claim is false. What I did find was murdered cops, war-zone like protests, many curse words against white people, and false logic. How could the group not be racist when they only discourage the killing of blacks, murdered the cops in downtown Dallas, and their chant is “What do we want? Dead white cops! When do we want them? Now!?” In my opinion that is racist. I’m sure most of you have heard about how over the summer the supporters held a party only for black people. They had even said if you are white and support the black lives matter movement, do not come. The host of the party, Lisa Durden had said that “Boo Hoo Hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter all black Memorial Day celebration. Wow,” on a news segment with Tucker Carlson of Fox News. That is not just a problem, it is racist. If white people were to throw a party, but not allow blacks, there would be uproar. Also, do you guys know what BET channel stands for? It stands for Black Entertainment Television. If we had white entertainment television, the creator would probably get shot in the head! The black lives matter movement is racist, so any claims built upon their beliefs based on color are bias and false.


Let´s take a moment and pretend the black lives matter group has a valid argument. We do have the right of peaceful protest by law. Why do they choose to kneel on the national anthem though? The national anthem is the symbol of our country. It represents our strength, power, and unity. Oh, wait, not unity anymore. Kaepernick ruined that by kneeling on our anthem. Everything our anthem stands for is protected every day by veterans, fighting for your life, fighting for your country, fighting to keep our anthem intact. When you kneel on the anthem, the thing representing what every veteran has fought to protect, you might as well be spitting on a veteran. They fought for our lives; don't they deserve a little more respect than that? This proves that the black lives matter group is just trying to tear our nation apart. Kaepernick said he kneeled on the anthem because who would respect a country that allows the killing of blacks by cops? Well, if you don't respect our magnificent nation, why are you in the National Football League? Instead of disrespecting vets, leave the NFL.


In conclusion, the black lives matter group kneels on the anthem to protest the killing of only black people. This is an invalid argument due to their claims not being true. Even if the argument was valid, why protest the anthem? Why protest out unity? Why protest veterans, the people who fought to protect you? What will you do when your pointless protest causes all cops to quit? Who will you turn to for protection? Instead of pondering this scenario, stop your protests. Put down your weapons and hatred because, at the end of the day, cops have a hard job. What would you do if you were looking down the barrel of a gun, with nobody to turn to, nobody to help you, nobody who loves what you do? When cops see that we feel they are wrong for killing people, they will most likely quit. Those who stay will not be able to defend you because they are afraid that if they kill, they will be fired or executed. This causes them to quit their jobs, or they stand there and take the bullet. There are some crooked cops, but not all of them are that way. If you do not agree with me, what will you do to defend yourself? How will you explain to your son or daughter that you could have kept the world safe, if you had just respected the cops?

The author's comments:

I don't mean to offend anyone. All I want to do is end hatred and provide facts and statistics. I'm the least racist person you'll ever meet. I don't mean to be offensive, but I do hope my point is made clear and maybe you will change your minds act veterans.

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